About Unborn


Unborn Entertainment actually started out as a hobby for me and remains one to this day. Like most home studios my vocal booth was in a closet. A lot of people came through our bedroom to record. As weird as that might sound, I gained invaluable experience as a recording engineer back then. Well, as you might have guessed by now, my wife said no more bedroom visitors! Being the wise man that I am (LOL!), I stopped recording in my home and had a studio built from the ground up. Once the studio was completed and the equipment installed, my passion intensified for my hobby. With a new building to record music, I invited even more people to record for free. Little did I realize my skills were getting better.

Today, Unborn’s continued success has placed it in a unique position to close its doors to the general public and only record today’s top artists. While I’m quite proud of this accomplishment, I still love seeing undiscovered talent evolve. Although I have closed the doors to the general public, artists may still have an opportunity to record at the studio. If you are extremely talented and would like record at Unborn, please complete the information on the contact page and send me a link to your music. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MUSIC DIRECTLY. All recording sessions are by invitation only.

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